Acupressure Points for Sedating and Strengthening Meridians

After learning how to do the Five Minute Routine and Trace the Meridians in Donna Eden‘s book: Energy Medicine, (see previous two posts) I came across diagrams of Acupressure Strengthening and Sedating Points.  These correspond to sensitive points along the meridians, and are the places where an acupuncture practitioner might place the needles.  But you can achieve a pretty good effect by simply touching the points with your fingers – hence Acupressure.  The picture shows only one of four pages.  In my old book, the diagrams are quite clear; unfortunately in later editions, they are reproduced very poorly.  The photograph I have included is from a later edition because my original book has fallen apart and I have mislaid the four pages.

Acupressure points for strengthening and sedating the meridiansBut here is a good site where you can get all the drawings on line.

I have found these to be very useful.  If I get a stomach upset, I ask Penny if I should sedate or strengthen any meridians.  If I get a Yes, I ask if I should attend to the stomach meridian.  If a Yes, then I ask if it should be sedated or strengthened.  If  No, I check if I should attend to the liver, or first intestine, or large intestine meridian and so on.  If I have more than one meridian to attend to, I start at the highest one on the body and work down.  I don’t have heart or lung problems so never ask about them, but someone with, say, emphysemia or a heart murmur might need to make queries in that direction.

Routine for Strengthening or Sedating the Meridians using Acupressure Points.

The routine is to place your fingers on the first two points, and hold them for 2 and half to 3 minutes, then place the fingers on the second two points and hold them for 1 and half to 2 minutes.  (I time these with long, slow breaths: Eden advocates breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.).  Wherever possible, reach across your body to touch the points.  If you use groups of fingers, you are more likely to hit the right spot.  Of course, having a pendulum to tell you if your fingers are in the right place makes it easy!  The whole process takes 6 – 8 minutes for each strengthening or sedating routine.  Some of the points require some good yoga stretches!  It is of course perfectly OK to have someone else hold these points for you.

Many sites tell you that Tracing the Meridians in Reverse is a good way to sedate them but I have found the longer routine of holding the points much more effective.

More about a very important meridian (for me, at least,) in the next post.

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  1. Angie says:

    Hey,i need a question..
    While holding first two points ,are we going to the other side to hold again first points? Or we go like 1-2 on one side and 1-2 on the other side?
    Hope i explained well :)

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