Glass prism Pendulum in front of a sunriseThere are those who maintain that the aura can be photographed.  Here is an excellent article talking about it.

This may or may not be the case, but the aura is definitely there.  I cannot feel it or see it but if it needs attention and I do the repair, I notice the difference in my general feeling of well-being.

Rips in the Aura can be fixed by doing a similar movement to that of boosting Chakras.  This time, however, both hands are used together and the circle you make for a couple of minutes is clockwise only.  Clockwise means starting the circle at the top and going to the patient’s left side, whether someone is administering to the patient, or the patient is administering to him- or herself.  The circles should be about the size of a dinner plate and made by holding the hands about 4” above the patient’s body.

Various writers advocate having a partner Energy Test you to find out where a Rip might be.  But good old Penny comes up with the solution in no time.  The Aura stretches from a few inches below the feet to a few inches above the head.  To find the tear, I place one hand at my feet, hold the pendulum in the other, and slowly move my free hand up the body until the Penny indicates I have got to the right place.

Most people consider Auras to have colours; Donna Eden is one of the people who apparently can see them.  They change a lot depending on the person’s health, and I asked Penny what my dominant colour was.  It was lavender!  I don’t even like lavender either as a colour or a scent!  Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Handout on the net describes a person with a lavender aura as being spiritual or intuitive, neither of which I would consider to be strong attributes of my character.  Eden does add, however, that a lavender aura may also indicate that the person is a seeker or a healer.  Well I always love to learn, and Penny agrees that this is the main reason for my predominately lavender aura.  A smaller reason is because I have the ability to heal – I guess I have been healing myself a lot with Energy Medicine, and with this blog I am in a small way trying to help others take their own path to healing.

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