Donna Eden’s Energy medicine

Donna Eden's Energy Medicine

Donna Eden

Donna Eden‘s book, Energy Medicine, was touted in most of the EFT sites I had so far visited but up to now I had discounted it as just another Hollywood hype.  When Dr Barbara Mallory, who had given me such an eye-opener into the Energy Medicine world, advised the use of it, however, I figured I’d give it a try. had a second-hand copy; I sent off my $9 US. It was a month before it arrived in my mail box: this paltry sum turned out to be the best investment I have ever made in my life!

Donna Eden‘s book was a revelation to me.  It taught me a great deal about the huge wonder of  the Energy Body.  It helped me understand the pendulum, and the pendulum was instrumental in my being able to make the best use of the book.  As with EFT, the exercises were based on acupressure, in other words, the use of fingers to tap or massage places in the body that corresponded to points used in acupuncture.

Energy Body

Until I started using the exercises in the book, I often had to jump-start the pendulum using Dr Mallory’s reversed polarity technique. As I worked through Eden’s book, however, I needed to do this less frequently, and eventually not at all.  So my little brain has come to the conclusion that if your Energy Body is in order, you can dowse.  Dr. Mallory’s reversed polarity technique is a great shortcut to get started. Donna Eden has shown me how to make the situation permanent.  If you are already practicing other Energy Medicine Exercises, you may not need to go through the same process as me.  These include: yoga, qigong, karate, tai-chi, reiki, music, meditation, and so on.  Many of these practices need an instructor.  For someone like me who lives far from classes in these things, Donna Eden’s book is perfect.  It is a complete DYI course on Energy Medicine.

I found the book confusing at first.  (It was the first edition: later editions may have been improved.)  Cross-referencing was poor and I wrote my own in the margins.  Penny was such a help because I could ask her if I was doing the exercises correctly.  The diagrams for the acupressure points were not always clear.  I would touch the relevant body part and ask Penny if my fingers were in the right place.  If not, I could either ask if I should move the fingers up, down or sideways, or simply try a new spot and ask if that was correct.

Many of Eden’s exercises need muscle testing to see if that particular one was relevant for the patient at that time.  Eden advises asking a friend or partner to do this.  Enter Penny again!  All I had to do was inquire if a particular exercise was relevant.  I could also ask which was the best order to do various exercises in.

I will be talking about all this in much greater detail in future posts.

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  1. Solomon Lee says:

    Is there a way that I could buy Donna Eden “acupuncture strengthening and sedating point”?

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