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The logo for the Well Within websiteI lucked out cruising the web the other day with this great website.  It’s called Well Within (their logo is above), it’s put together by two women, Melanie Smith and Pauline McDonald, and – sure – they are trying to sell you DVDs and workshops and so on, but they are offering a great newsletter and a really great free E-Book introducing Energy Medicine.

Their Daily Routine covers 10 exercises instead of D0nna Eden’s six.  Eden mentions most of the other exercises in her book: Energy Medicine but not as part of her Five Minute Routine.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I already incorporated Separating Heaven and Earth into my Five Minute Routine.  Well Within adds this plus The Hookup, Tibetan Prayer Pose, and Weaving Figure Eights.  I not going to detail these exercises as they are described so well in the free E-Book.  By dowsing with the pendulum I can determine which ones are best to do at any given time.

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3 Responses to Free E-Book

  1. Chuck Thomas says:

    I tried to free download the ebook but it keeps shutting me out! how can i get around this? i am very much interested in this as i am just a beginner in ‘dowsing’.

  2. Eden says:

    Thank you for this info. I’ve been looking for something to align my meridians and I almost forgot about Donna Eden. I think I will start to incorporate your routine in my everyday. Thank you

  3. sylvia chivers says:

    follow your adventures for years. interested in holistic healing

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