Five Minute Routine

Donna Eden’s Five Minute Routine

The first two chapters of Donna Eden‘s book, Energy Medicine (see previous post) give a precis of Eden’s approach to life and a general overview of the Energy Body.  Chapter three details her Five Minute Routine.  It really does take five minutes when you have learned it but at first I struggle with it for an hour every day.  Part of the problem was that I did not have a lot of time to sit down with the book as I received it right at the start of the season for my ecotourism business and was busy feeding and organizing visitors.

The first exercises of the Five Minute Routine as described in the book are easy enough.  Donna Eden starts with The Three Thumps.  I was surprised because I recognized that one right away.  Dr Mallory recommends doing it before her pendulum jump-start routine.

The second exercise is the Cross Crawl – basically an exaggerated marching on the spot – and thirdly we have the Wayne Cook Posture (developed to help people with dyslexia but a great way for everyone to make sure – as Dr Mallory puts it – “your batteries are in the right way.”)  Throughout, Eden advocates breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.

The fifth exercise is the Spinal Flush.  The sixth is the Zip-up.  I recognized the Zip-up, too, as that is what the nutritionist always did (keeping her hand a few inches away from my body) before she energy tested me for food sensitivities.

The Spinal Flush is virtually impossible to do alone; instead, for exercise #5, the DIY Energy Medicine practitioner can stimulate the Neurovascular Points. These are what took so long to learn

Neurovascular Points

Neurovascular Points

The diagrams in the book are clear enough, but their order is confusing.  It is logical to read the left page first and then the right one.  But if you take note of the alphabetical letters near the drawings, you will see that A is on the top of the left page, and B is at the top of the right page.  C is bottom left, D is middle left, E is the bottom right and F is the middle right.   The book states that this is the order in which they should be done.

Penny helped to make sure my fingers were in the right place.  I do the front points as those are the ones I can reach, with the exception of the ones behind the head and at the back of the neck.  When I went backpacking, I did not want to lug a heavy book around so I made a coloured diagram to help me remember the points.  The diagram by itself  is not all that clear, but once you have used the book to learn the points, it can be very helpful.

Neurovascular Points - my version!

It was a while before I thought to google the 5-minute routine, and I got pages of websites.  Here is Donna Eden herself giving some other variations of the exercises.  In this video, the Neurovascular Points are performed in quite a different order from those in the book.  My copy is an early edition, it is likely that the video draws on later experience.

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