Penny and the Chakras

Penny and the Chakras.

Chakra diagram from the K.I.S.S. Guide to Yoga

After boosting up the Meridians (see previous three posts), the next stage in refining your body’s invisible energy systems, is to deal with the Chakras.  The above illustration is taken from the K.I.S.S. Guide to Yoga by Shakta Kaur Khalsa.  The young man, and the author, definitely smack of the airy fairy, but I have to say I found this book inspiring for a beginner yoga student.

However, the best text I have found describing the function and maintenance of Chakras is once again in Donna Eden‘s Energy Medicine.  Eden says that the colours in the KISS Yoga book are not as hard and fast as Khalsa maintains, but they change due to person’s health and other circumstances.  Each Chakra is in fact a combination of colours evident in the different, spinning layers.  I thought the information in Eden’s book easier to understand than her reference posted on the web.  In it, Eden deals only with the Throat Chakra, avowing that it has chambers corresponding to all the others: here is the reference.

Maintaining Chakras

To do a maintenance of the Chakras one should lie on one’s back.  First rub both hands together and shake them to get rid of excess energy.  Then place a hand about 4” above the centre of whichever Chakra you wish to stimulate, and start making counter clockwise circles about the size of a dinner plate for a couple of minutes.  After that, shake the hands again and make circles going clockwise for half the time. 

It doesn’t matter if you are doing the exercises yourself or if someone is doing them for you, but clockwise and counterclockwise are as if you are facing the patient.  In other words, the counterclockwise circles start at the top and go to the patient’s right side first.  I am the epitome of the DYI practitioner and to help me remember which way round I am supposed to go, I do the counterclockwise circles with my left hand and the clockwise ones with my right.

At first I tried to do all the Chakras every day, starting from the Root Chakra and working towards the Crown Chakra. But it sure made my arms ache!  So I soon simply asked Penny if any Chakras needed attention, if Yes, which one.  I used to have to do quite a few when I first started my Energy Medicine journey; I now find that the only time I need to do them is if I am feeling run down or overly tired.  Usually, for me, if any Chakras need attention, the Womb Chakra is the only one that needs stimulating. When I had a bowel problem earlier this year, Penny advised spinning the Root Chakra.  This doesn’t mean to say that a boost to one of the other Chakras might not be useful at any time, anyway.

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