The Five Rhythms

prism pendulum in front of Finger Peak, ChilcotinThe Five Rhythms are the last of the exercises that I check on a fairly regular basis to get my Energy Body in order.  Donna Eden’s book: Energy Medicine, has a wealth of other information that I don’t use much but might be helpful to others.  Pain relief (actually I do use that sometimes).  Headaches (which I never get.) PMS (which is a distant memory!) How to get your kid out of bed in the morning!

The Five Rhythms deal with emotional stresses.

Winter/Fear: Blowing out the Candle
Spring/Anger: Expelling the Venom
Summer/Panic: Taking down the Flame
Indian Summer/ Sympathy: Cradling the Baby
Autumn: Grief: Human Touching Divine.

The words used to describe the Five Rhythms are the closest English translation to concepts laid down in oriental medicine and they don’t always convey the true meaning, but it is the best we can do.

Winter/Fear: Blowing out the Candle

Fear includes worry, nervousness and so on, and as I am a major worrywort, I use this a lot (first determining, with Penny’s help, if it is appropriate to do it.)  It is also the easiest of the rhythm exercises to describe.  Sit on a bed or the floor with your knees bent up and your hands on the outside of the knees, pulling them towards you.  Rock back and forth and bring to mind whatever is bothering you.  As you exhale, stretch your chin a bit forward and purse your lips as if blowing out a candle.  Make a whoooofffff sound with your breath as you do so.  Inhale and exhale several times.

I am not going to describe the other exercises here – you will have to read the book!

Measuring the scale.

Eden says you should mentally measure your emotion before and after the exercise on a scale of 1 – 10.  I never have a clue how to measure that kind of scale.  So I ask Penny.  First I say: Is my biggest fear of the moment so and so?  Sometimes I am quite surprised – Penny will choose something I had thought was a lesser concern.  Having determined what is the most important, I check the scale.  If it is high – 6, or sometimes even 8, I inhale and exhale 8 or 10 times.  If it is only 4, I finish the exercise sooner.  Then I ask Penny if I still have more fear – if so, I check the grade, then do the exercise again until the reading on the scale (according to Penny) is zero.  If I am still feeling agitated, I see if there is another fear that needs attention.  Or maybe one of the other emotions.

I find it difficult to differentiate between fear and panic. Again, Penny will help.  Anger (includes irritation and crankiness) is rare for me in the winter, because I live alone.  But when I am dealing with too many people, either on a book tour or at my summer ecotourism business, I may need to diffuse my anger.  (This is usually not anger at the people themselves, but anger because I can’t do what I want to do!)  Sympathy comes in here as well.  People who are too stretched because they feel obliged to deal with others before themselves are helped by this exercise.  Occasionally Penny says No to all the other emotions and that leaves me with Grief, but I am usually not sure why.  I try and ask if a recent – or even long past – event is stimulating the emotion.  Even if I cannot pin it down, I go through the routine anyway.

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