Separating Heaven and Earth

pendulum in springI thought we’d have a more seasonable picture this time!

Another of the Energy Exercises from Donna Eden’s Book, Energy Medicine that I frequently use is Separating Heaven and Earth.

I do it principally because it is a good shoulder stretch and, in common with many fibromyalgia sufferers, I have very tight shoulders.  Eden maintains this exercise has many other benefits (please read her book!), which include expelling toxic energies and stimulating fresh energy to flow through the joints.  I pop this stretch into the Five Minute Routine, between the Three Thumps and the Cross Crawl.  So it is right at the beginning of my morning exercises.

separating heaven and earthThis illustration is from Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine.  I cannot find the name of the artist: I would like to thank her for the attractive drawing.

Stand tall with hands spread on your thighs.  As you take a deep breath through your nose, circle your arms out and have them meet at your breast bone as if praying in a church.  (As an atheist, I felt uncomfortable doing that at first until I remembered that the hands in a prayer position has been a way of centering one’s energies thousands of years before the Christians adopted it.)  Exhale through the mouth.  See diagram A.

As you inhale again, stretch one arm up and the other down, pushing your hands as far apart as possible.  Exhale and bring your hands back to the prayer position, then change sides.  I usually do each side twice.

After the final prayer position, inhale again, and as you exhale, bend forward with your legs only slightly bent and hang from the waist while you take 2 more breaths.  Stand back up again as you inhale.  As a yoga student, I have learned to do a half squat and straighten my back before I rise.  Yoga students will bring their arms up an a wide, sideways circle as they straighten up, touch their hands at full stretch overhead, and bring them back into the prayer position again, elbows a little away from the body, upon exhaling.

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  1. YC says:

    Thank you for this. I will try to use this often. =)) xxx

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