Tracing the Meridians

The Meridians

Small Intestine Meridian Points Locations Triple Warmer Meridian Points Locations Large Intestine Meridian Points Locations Stomach Meridian Points Locations Liver Meridian Points Locations Spleen Meridian Points Locations Kidney Meridian Points Locations Heart Meridian Points Locations Governing Vessel Meridian Points Locations Lung Meridian Points Locations Bladder Meridian Points Locations Gall BladderMeridian Points Locations

Meridian Channels - The Main Body Meridians

The next big block of information in Donna Eden‘s book, Energy Medicine, deals with the Meridians.  These are energy pathways running along the surface of the body.  Each Meridian has several points along it; these are the energy centres used by Chinese Medical doctors for acupuncture.   Tapping or massaging these points is often called Acupressure, and I will deal with that in more detail in a later post.  I used to trace the Meridians daily, after I do the Five Minute Routine, but now I don’t need to trace them every day: I always ask Penny if I should do them, though.

Eden recommends starting with the Central and Governing Meridians, then doing whatever Meridian is weakest.

Penny and the Weakest Meridian

In her book, Eden suggests using a partner to Energy Test you for whichever meridian is weakest, but I can rely on good old Penny.  I simply ask her if she will indicate the weakest meridian; when I receive a Yes, I then run through the list.  Usually, if I eat meat or fish, the Liver Meridian is the weakest.  If I eat beans, the Small Intestine Meridian is the weakest.  If I have a dose of the runs, the Large Intestine Meridian’s the weakest!  If you are unable to divine which is weakest, Eden recommends starting with the Spleen Meridian after the Central and Governing.  Then the other 11 meridians should be traced, in the correct order (they are all joined together) and at the end, you repeat the weakest meridian and then redo the Central and Governing Meridians.

Eden’s book shows the diagrams for tracing the meridians very well. (As you can see, I need a new copy!)

Tracing the meridians

I am not going to reproduce all the illustrations – you’ll have to buy the book!  But Donna Eden herself has produced a really good video of it. It is in 2 parts: and


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