How I Found Penny (or How Penny Found Me) Part 2: Penny and Emotional Freedom Technique

How I Found Penny (or How Penny Found Me)

Part 2:  Penny and Emotional Freedom Technique.

One winter, I was drawing illustrations for A Mountain Year: Nature Diary of a Wilderness Dweller, and wanted a picture of a baby salamander, which is sometimes called an eft.

A Wilderness Dweller's Nature Journal

Illustration of an eft from A Mountain Year.

When I Googled this word I got the strangest sites.  They could not have been further removed from immature amphibians.  Here were people tapping on bits of their face and bodies to drive away stress,  illness and pain.  The EFT was in capital letters and it stood for “Emotional Freedom Technique.”  If I had not had the muscle testing done by the nutritionist, I would have rejected the concept out of hand.  Still very skeptical, I thought: It costs nothing, why not give it a go?

Emotional Freedom Technique

The originator of the site I had landed on was Gary Craig.  Needless to say, like all of these things, the website was a minefield of advertising but I waded through the pages until I was able to download the free getting started package.  I also signed up for the free newsletter.


It soon became apparent that there was a schism in the EFT movement and several practitioners had split off.  But from all practical purposes as far as I was concerned, they advocated the same thing.  Speak aloud your woes while stimulating various places on the surface of the body that correspond with acupuncture points.  No needles are used so this is sometimes called acupressure.

I had no money to get professional help and in any case, the nearest practitioner would have been 9 hours’ drive away.  Wilderness dwellers, however, are, by nature, DIY persons.  I know that I have a strong dose of worrywort in my emotional make-up.  I followed the suggestions in the twice a week newsletters and rapidly became convinced that this was the answer to all my health problems.  I did it faithfully for three months – with absolutely no effect whatsoever.

When I finally discovered Penny (yes, we’re getting there: it will be in the next post!) I found at first that the tapping routine switched the pendulum off so EFT was abandoned.  But much later, after another phase in my Energy Medicine journey, EFT resurfaced again.  Another site whose newsletters I now receive is put out by a Dr Alex Lees.  I actually find more interest in the other content rather than the EFT part (and there is usually something in the letter to make me smile!)  But if I want to try EFT, Penny will help me choose the precise wording, which is apparently quite crucial.  But the tapping has never worked very well for me and on the whole I achieve better results with other Energy Medicine Techniques.

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