Cover of an old Yoga JournalYoga Journal

I’d like to say that was me on the cover of that magazine but I am afraid it is not.  The cover models always pose so spectacularly – and they look glamorous as well.  Moreover, they are stretching their bodies into fantastic shapes – and smiling while they are doing it!

However, I have got a lot out of this magazine.  Fortunately my local library has about three years’ worth in storage, although none of them are current.  I have been puttering away at yoga for four years now but never did it very intensively until this winter.  I live far away from any classes so have learned everything from books and the back numbers of this magazine.  I dowse with the pendulum to find out which exercises are most beneficial to me.  Recently, I started to have a sorer-than-usual knee.  I simply asked Penny which of the exercises was the culprit and soon solved that problem.   Yoga Journal has a good website, too:

Home Practice versus a Class

One surprising article I read recently assumed that most people were too frightened to do a home practice; that they always had to go to a class.  In 4 years I have been to one class only, and that one a couple of months ago.  The instructor said I was doing not too badly considering I am 63 and have fibromyalgia.

I will never achieve the kind of poses they put on the covers but for yoga that doesn’t matter.  Yoga is very much an individual practice and I feel it has helped tremendously to stave off the terrible stiffness of fibromyalgia.  I just hope I have the time to do it after I fly into my summer resort, Nuk Tessli. (The ice is still on the lake and I won’t be able to get in for a while.)

Yoga Books

I’ve taken out a number of books from the library as well but found only scraps of help in them.   Most books devote a page or two to beginners then launch into stuff that is beyond me.
Then I found Easy Does It Yoga by Alice Christensen.  The exercises were designed specifically for people with physical disabilities (including age) and I think it absolutely the best book for beginners or people like me with a lifetime’s bad posture.  Many exercises can be done while sitting in a chair.   Others  while lying on a bed.



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