Making and Using a Pendulum

Making and Using a Pendulum

Pendulums can be made from anything.

Some people prefer to use crystals.  One school of thought maintains that certain crystals produce certain energies and will therefore work better for you.  But whenever I ask her, Penny says it doesn’t matter what you use.  All you need is a suitable weight and a piece of flexible string.  An ideal length is about six inches.  A longer string moves more slowly, and a shorter string will swing more quickly.  A stiff cord will inhibit the movement.  I grab whatever is handiest: cotton string, wool, or fishing line.

The weight should be heavy enough to keep the string taut.  I started with a fencing staple (which is a U-shaped nail) as that is what I had handiest.  But on this picture you can see: two washers, my mother’s wedding ring, a glass prism, an old truck key with the tag from the garage still attached, a Christmas decoration in the form of a teapot, and an old metal brooch on a fine chain.  Out in the mountains I have used my hiking pole to determine if a creek was safe to drink; the pole turns very sluggishly when held by its strap but it still works; I have even used a teabag , holding it by the label, to determine whether or not I can drink the tea that is in it (I am sensitive to preservatives so can rarely consume processed food).  A tea bag is really too light, but the length of the string is perfect.

Pendulums silhoutted against the sunset behind Finger Peak

Pendulums over Finger Peak

Words of Warning.

1. It is very necessary to word your questions properly.  For instance:  If you have food sensitivities don’t ask: “Can I eat this?”  Of course you can, physically.  Ask instead: “Is it healthy for me to eat this,” or: “Is it wise for me to eat this,” or, “Will I put on weight if I eat this?”

2. The signals may change.  Sometimes they are reversed for days; sometimes only for a few minutes or even seconds.  My signals changed as I used the pendulum more.  They started as a back and forth swing for “Yes,” and side to side swing for “No.”  Various combinations happened but the pendulum now normally swings clockwise for ”Yes” and anticlockwise for “No.”

BUT.  If I am tired or stressed these signals may be reversed.  If I get a surprising answer, I always ask Penny to show me a “Yes.”  But I have been fooled and accepted the wrong answer because I did not think properly at the time – and of course if you are tired or stressed, that is eactly the time you do not think.

3. The literature states that if you want something strongly enough, your feelings may override what the pendulum wants to say.  I have not experienced this so cannot give an example.

4.  Protocol. It may sound loony talking to a bit of string with a washer on the end, but it is generally accepted that one should ask the pendulum’s permission before you ply it with questions.  There are ways of doing this that are presented on the various how-to sites.  I did not know about this when I started and it seemed to make no difference.  Even now, I do not always remember to ask permission; however, I have never failed to say “Thankyou” and perhaps Penny makes allowances for me that way.

Below, you will find a few basics.  Everything will be explained in much greater detail as I describe my particular path to the pendulum on the Home Page.

The Glass Prism is full of Rainbows

Training the Pendulum

Many dowsers maintain that if a pendulum does not work for you right away you can train it.  Here is a sample site.
Quite frankly, though, even though there is a wealth of fascinating information here, it makes my eyes glaze over.

The Key to Pendulum Use: Energy Body. 

Glass Pendulum

The key to pendulum use is, in my opinion, getting your Energy Body in order.

Three years ago I would have consigned the Energy Body and its terminology to the codswallop file.  Meridians, Chakras, Auras – they were for the Airy Fairies.  But in my slow and muddled search for better health I now know that these Energy Fields are just as real as a body’s nervous or circulatory system.

Before I started on this journey I sort of believed in acupuncture, and knew yoga was probably good for you, but my first hands-on experience of these Energy Fields was with a Phase Contrast Nutritionist who Energy Tested me for food sensitivites.  (The full story will be on the Home Page.)  There was a small improvement, but not enough. A couple of years went by.  I dithered around with a bit of Reflexology and EFT, then one day happened to land on the website:  The pages that I found most useful related to what the owner of the site, Dr Barbara Mallory, calls Battery Problems.;;

and especially

These last 2 pages showed a series of exercises .  They seemed pretty weird and I am not really sure why I went through them, but afterwards I picked up a fencing staple (a U-shaped nail) and bit of string, and held it in front of an apple, which I knew I could eat.  When the pendulum started to move, apparently of its own volition, I was astounded.  I held it in front of a bottle of vinegar, which I knew I could not eat.  The pendulum slowly turned and reversed direction.

I was blown away.  I went for a hike in the snow in a state of euphoria, thought of a few other things to try, and picked up my makeshift pendulum as soon as I got back.  It was as dead as a post.  Surely it couldn’t have been those wacky-looking exercises that started it off?  But I found the site again, went through the routine, and the pendulum worked perfectly.

For me, however, the effect of these exercises did not last long.  I would have to do them most times before I could use the pendulum.  Fortunately, at the same time, I was persuaded to buy Donna Eden’s book: Energy Medicine


Donna Eden's book: Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

It took me weeks to struggle through it, but she starts with the Five Minute Routine, and I now do that, along with a few other Energy (and physical) Exercises, every day.  It took nearly an hour to do the routine at first as it was quite difficult for me to learn, but once you know it it does indeed take only five minutes.  I do a number of other exercises detailed in the book as well.  As a result, I rarely need to jumpstart the pendulum any more.  Doing more Energy Exercises makes the pendulum work better, and by asking Penny, I know which exercises are the most beneficial to me, and whether or not I am doing them correctly. It is a perfect partnership.

There are many ways to get your Energy Body in order.  Yoga, I now know, is not just a bunch of stretches.  Even if you do not meditate, you are stimulating the Energy Fields.  Tai chi, Qwan Do, Jujitsu, Reiki, music, dance, various types of physical exercises, gardening, writing or painting, all help organize your Energy Body.  But for me, Penny and Donna Eden have become the corner stones of my Energy Body practices.  The rest is icing on the cake.

Now enjoy my journey with Penny on the Home Page.

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  1. Hi, like to try this pendulum business.
    thanks for the info and introduction.
    Hope all is well.
    See you this summer sometime.
    How is your summer looking anyways?
    When is a good time to come for a hike with a friend or two?
    Please let me know and we can pencil it in.
    Konny and Joel

  2. Karilee says:

    I love your pictures – pretty!

    I just found the neatest washer, with odd symbols on it, while I was packing. I’ll have to remember to show it to you, next time I see you.
    Karilee recently posted..What Your Website NEEDS

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