Curing Food Sensitivities Using the Triple Warmer Meridian


Stress is a big catchword these days.  Stress of disease, pain, adverse chemicals in food, noise, lack of money (or maybe too much!), expectations of others, unfulfilled desires, and so on.  Many websites and magazines relate our inability to cope with it because we are no longer living in caves.  The theory is that in the good old days we would be fearful for a short time – say, when the sabre-toothed tiger was about to eat us – but have periods of calm in between (as in when we were eating the tiger.)  The flight/fight hormones that are necessary for our survival had periods when they could drain out of our bodies.  Now, say the articles, we are subject to stresses 24/7, and the continuation of the flight/fight hormones create problems; either in keeping us hyper for too long or, if the situation is long term, damaging the mechanism that produces these hormones.  (That’s the theory, anyway, but if you study any kind of anthropology you will see that in fact people always had a lot of fears. Not just of tigers, but of their enemies, starvation, disease, and the spirit world.)

The Defense Meridians

People who study Energy Medicine go a step further and explain how the flight/fight mechanism of body the body is related to two meridians.  Donna Eden, in her book: Energy Medicine, explains this in great detail and I strongly recommend you to read her account.  To summarize it in a couple of sentences doesn’t do it justice, but basically, the Spleen meridian helps in our defense by loving anything it comes into contact with, and the Triple Warmer meridian (which can move around the body as well as stay in its channel) is the fighter.  It boosts things like the release of the flight/flight hormones, and the creation of the white blood cells that gobble up pathogens in the blood stream.

Allergies and Food Sensitivities

But when the Energy Body is out of order, the Triple Warmer meridian can get confused.  It starts attacking things that ought to be beneficial to us, which is why we have allergies and food sensitivities.

My first introduction to Energy Medicine was being muscle tested for food sensitivities.  After more than a year of occasional visits to the nutritionist (she lived too far away for me to see more regularly) I had a huge list of no-nos: soy; caffeine, alcohol, gluten; dairy; sulphites; sugar; commercially made ascorbic acid (which is in almost all canned goods, even organic ones.).  Bread and cheese were my two biggest regrets:  I make the best bread in the world and I love a good cheese.

Curing Food Sensitivities using the Triple Warmer Meridian

About 2/3 of the way through Donna Eden’s book I came upon a couple of pages where Eden describes curing a young teen of severe hay fever.  She used the Triple Warmer Meridian.  She told her patient to lie on his back clutching the weeds that were troubling him, with more weeds on his stomach.  Donna Eden first strengthened the Triple Warmer, then sedated it.  After  a few similar treatments, which the boy and his mother could do at home, he was cured.

I asked Penny if it would work with food sensitivities.  She said Yes.  I was pretty skeptical.  I was making bread with regular flour for my guests and even just handling the flour was giving me my usual sore throat and flu-like symptoms.  I held Penny in front of a slice of bread.  She said: No.  I asked her if I could eat the bread if I sedated the Triple Warmer.  Penny said: Yes.  I followed Eden’s instructions.  I placed a slice of bread (in a plastic bag!) down the waistband of my pants to hold it against my stomach, and held the first pair of the sedating points.

This first picture is taken from Donna Eden’s site:

Acupressure points for the Triple Warmer MeridianI have borrowed the drawing on the right to make it clearer.

Sedating the Triple Warmer Meridian

The first two points must be held for 2 and half – 3 minutes, the second two for 1 and half – 2 minutes.  The first point on the leg is just to the outside of the shinbone, 3 finger-widths below the knee cap.  You can tell you are in the right place because if you flex your foot you can feel the muscle jump.  The other hand holds the opposite arm at the same time, 1 finger-width above the elbow.  The second two points are self-explanatory.

I went through this routine with the slice of bread, then held Penny in front of it.  She said: Yes.  I ate it without much hope.  My symptoms usually appeared the following day.  To my surprise, I had none.  I held the pendulum in front of the bread again.  Penny continued to say: Yes.   Well! I thought.  Would it work for cheese?  Cheese had given me such a strong negative reaction when I was being muscle tested that the nutritionist had to take it out of the room!

I held Penny in front of the cheese.  She said No.  I asked her if I could safely eat it if I sedated the TW.  Yes.  Another baggie stuffed down my waistband and a repeat of the exercise.  And it worked.  For three or four days I picked another one or two substances I was having trouble with, visualizing a long session before all the foodstuffs were safe for me to eat but suddenly almost everything was accepted.  The only things I still cannot eat are preservatives.  The most annoying are sulphites (no vinegars, pretty dried fruits, wine etc), and commercially made ascorbic acid (also known as citric acid and Vitamin C) which is found in almost all canned and preserved goods, including health foods.  It means I cannot take Vit C supplements, either.  I looked it up on the web.  Commercially, ascorbic acid is cultured from a mould.  Penny does not like moulds.

If I have increased stresses in my life, I often still get the sensitivity symptoms.  I ask Penny if it was something I ate.  If Yes, I ask which meal, then I ask which food.  Sedating the TW after the fact is not as effective as sedating it before hand but it still helps.  Usually, if I give that food a rest for a few days I can eat it again without trouble.

Whether this routine would have been so effective for me if I had approached it without several weeks of practicing Energy Medicine, I don’t know.  But, next to discovering the pendulum in the first place, it was the biggest breakthrough of my life.





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Acupressure Points for Sedating and Strengthening Meridians

After learning how to do the Five Minute Routine and Trace the Meridians in Donna Eden‘s book: Energy Medicine, (see previous two posts) I came across diagrams of Acupressure Strengthening and Sedating Points.  These correspond to sensitive points along the meridians, and are the places where an acupuncture practitioner might place the needles.  But you can achieve a pretty good effect by simply touching the points with your fingers – hence Acupressure.  The picture shows only one of four pages.  In my old book, the diagrams are quite clear; unfortunately in later editions, they are reproduced very poorly.  The photograph I have included is from a later edition because my original book has fallen apart and I have mislaid the four pages.

Acupressure points for strengthening and sedating the meridiansBut here is a good site where you can get all the drawings on line.

I have found these to be very useful.  If I get a stomach upset, I ask Penny if I should sedate or strengthen any meridians.  If I get a Yes, I ask if I should attend to the stomach meridian.  If a Yes, then I ask if it should be sedated or strengthened.  If  No, I check if I should attend to the liver, or first intestine, or large intestine meridian and so on.  If I have more than one meridian to attend to, I start at the highest one on the body and work down.  I don’t have heart or lung problems so never ask about them, but someone with, say, emphysemia or a heart murmur might need to make queries in that direction.

Routine for Strengthening or Sedating the Meridians using Acupressure Points.

The routine is to place your fingers on the first two points, and hold them for 2 and half to 3 minutes, then place the fingers on the second two points and hold them for 1 and half to 2 minutes.  (I time these with long, slow breaths: Eden advocates breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.).  Wherever possible, reach across your body to touch the points.  If you use groups of fingers, you are more likely to hit the right spot.  Of course, having a pendulum to tell you if your fingers are in the right place makes it easy!  The whole process takes 6 – 8 minutes for each strengthening or sedating routine.  Some of the points require some good yoga stretches!  It is of course perfectly OK to have someone else hold these points for you.

Many sites tell you that Tracing the Meridians in Reverse is a good way to sedate them but I have found the longer routine of holding the points much more effective.

More about a very important meridian (for me, at least,) in the next post.

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Tracing the Meridians

The Meridians

Small Intestine Meridian Points Locations Triple Warmer Meridian Points Locations Large Intestine Meridian Points Locations Stomach Meridian Points Locations Liver Meridian Points Locations Spleen Meridian Points Locations Kidney Meridian Points Locations Heart Meridian Points Locations Governing Vessel Meridian Points Locations Lung Meridian Points Locations Bladder Meridian Points Locations Gall BladderMeridian Points Locations

Meridian Channels - The Main Body Meridians

The next big block of information in Donna Eden‘s book, Energy Medicine, deals with the Meridians.  These are energy pathways running along the surface of the body.  Each Meridian has several points along it; these are the energy centres used by Chinese Medical doctors for acupuncture.   Tapping or massaging these points is often called Acupressure, and I will deal with that in more detail in a later post.  I used to trace the Meridians daily, after I do the Five Minute Routine, but now I don’t need to trace them every day: I always ask Penny if I should do them, though.

Eden recommends starting with the Central and Governing Meridians, then doing whatever Meridian is weakest.

Penny and the Weakest Meridian

In her book, Eden suggests using a partner to Energy Test you for whichever meridian is weakest, but I can rely on good old Penny.  I simply ask her if she will indicate the weakest meridian; when I receive a Yes, I then run through the list.  Usually, if I eat meat or fish, the Liver Meridian is the weakest.  If I eat beans, the Small Intestine Meridian is the weakest.  If I have a dose of the runs, the Large Intestine Meridian’s the weakest!  If you are unable to divine which is weakest, Eden recommends starting with the Spleen Meridian after the Central and Governing.  Then the other 11 meridians should be traced, in the correct order (they are all joined together) and at the end, you repeat the weakest meridian and then redo the Central and Governing Meridians.

Eden’s book shows the diagrams for tracing the meridians very well. (As you can see, I need a new copy!)

Tracing the meridians

I am not going to reproduce all the illustrations – you’ll have to buy the book!  But Donna Eden herself has produced a really good video of it. It is in 2 parts: and


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Five Minute Routine

Donna Eden’s Five Minute Routine

The first two chapters of Donna Eden‘s book, Energy Medicine (see previous post) give a precis of Eden’s approach to life and a general overview of the Energy Body.  Chapter three details her Five Minute Routine.  It really does take five minutes when you have learned it but at first I struggle with it for an hour every day.  Part of the problem was that I did not have a lot of time to sit down with the book as I received it right at the start of the season for my ecotourism business and was busy feeding and organizing visitors.

The first exercises of the Five Minute Routine as described in the book are easy enough.  Donna Eden starts with The Three Thumps.  I was surprised because I recognized that one right away.  Dr Mallory recommends doing it before her pendulum jump-start routine.

The second exercise is the Cross Crawl – basically an exaggerated marching on the spot – and thirdly we have the Wayne Cook Posture (developed to help people with dyslexia but a great way for everyone to make sure – as Dr Mallory puts it – “your batteries are in the right way.”)  Throughout, Eden advocates breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.

The fifth exercise is the Spinal Flush.  The sixth is the Zip-up.  I recognized the Zip-up, too, as that is what the nutritionist always did (keeping her hand a few inches away from my body) before she energy tested me for food sensitivities.

The Spinal Flush is virtually impossible to do alone; instead, for exercise #5, the DIY Energy Medicine practitioner can stimulate the Neurovascular Points. These are what took so long to learn

Neurovascular Points

Neurovascular Points

The diagrams in the book are clear enough, but their order is confusing.  It is logical to read the left page first and then the right one.  But if you take note of the alphabetical letters near the drawings, you will see that A is on the top of the left page, and B is at the top of the right page.  C is bottom left, D is middle left, E is the bottom right and F is the middle right.   The book states that this is the order in which they should be done.

Penny helped to make sure my fingers were in the right place.  I do the front points as those are the ones I can reach, with the exception of the ones behind the head and at the back of the neck.  When I went backpacking, I did not want to lug a heavy book around so I made a coloured diagram to help me remember the points.  The diagram by itself  is not all that clear, but once you have used the book to learn the points, it can be very helpful.

Neurovascular Points - my version!

It was a while before I thought to google the 5-minute routine, and I got pages of websites.  Here is Donna Eden herself giving some other variations of the exercises.  In this video, the Neurovascular Points are performed in quite a different order from those in the book.  My copy is an early edition, it is likely that the video draws on later experience.

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Donna Eden’s Energy medicine

Donna Eden's Energy Medicine

Donna Eden

Donna Eden‘s book, Energy Medicine, was touted in most of the EFT sites I had so far visited but up to now I had discounted it as just another Hollywood hype.  When Dr Barbara Mallory, who had given me such an eye-opener into the Energy Medicine world, advised the use of it, however, I figured I’d give it a try. had a second-hand copy; I sent off my $9 US. It was a month before it arrived in my mail box: this paltry sum turned out to be the best investment I have ever made in my life!

Donna Eden‘s book was a revelation to me.  It taught me a great deal about the huge wonder of  the Energy Body.  It helped me understand the pendulum, and the pendulum was instrumental in my being able to make the best use of the book.  As with EFT, the exercises were based on acupressure, in other words, the use of fingers to tap or massage places in the body that corresponded to points used in acupuncture.

Energy Body

Until I started using the exercises in the book, I often had to jump-start the pendulum using Dr Mallory’s reversed polarity technique. As I worked through Eden’s book, however, I needed to do this less frequently, and eventually not at all.  So my little brain has come to the conclusion that if your Energy Body is in order, you can dowse.  Dr. Mallory’s reversed polarity technique is a great shortcut to get started. Donna Eden has shown me how to make the situation permanent.  If you are already practicing other Energy Medicine Exercises, you may not need to go through the same process as me.  These include: yoga, qigong, karate, tai-chi, reiki, music, meditation, and so on.  Many of these practices need an instructor.  For someone like me who lives far from classes in these things, Donna Eden’s book is perfect.  It is a complete DYI course on Energy Medicine.

I found the book confusing at first.  (It was the first edition: later editions may have been improved.)  Cross-referencing was poor and I wrote my own in the margins.  Penny was such a help because I could ask her if I was doing the exercises correctly.  The diagrams for the acupressure points were not always clear.  I would touch the relevant body part and ask Penny if my fingers were in the right place.  If not, I could either ask if I should move the fingers up, down or sideways, or simply try a new spot and ask if that was correct.

Many of Eden’s exercises need muscle testing to see if that particular one was relevant for the patient at that time.  Eden advises asking a friend or partner to do this.  Enter Penny again!  All I had to do was inquire if a particular exercise was relevant.  I could also ask which was the best order to do various exercises in.

I will be talking about all this in much greater detail in future posts.

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Dr Barbara Mallory

Pendulum with inset enhanced

Sunset over Finger Peak

Dowsing Book

Dr Mallory was offering a dowsing book for sale (it is the second book on the page.)  To receive it, I had to give my address:  Imagine my astonishment when she emailed back and said she knew where Nimpo Lake was!  99.9% of British Columbia residents don’t know this, let alone anyone else.  But Dr Mallory was originally from Canada, and every year a group of dowsers and other Energy Medicine operators, known collectively as The Questers, used to meet in 100 Mile House.  I had lived in the area (5 hours’ drive from 100 Mile) all this time and never heard of them.  (Unfortunately this event no longer occurs there.)

Dr Mallory’s bio:

(From an article she emailed me.)

Dr Barbara Mallory has a PhD in Counselling Psychology from the University of Alberta.  Barbara is author of several books including Diving For Health: A Dowsing Approach to Emotional Freedom.  An ordained minister, Barbara is a founding member of the Church of healing Energy (, which licenses applicants through ordination to offer spiritual and energy-based healing services, including dowsing for health.  Barbara recently retired from her Vancouver Island psychology practice, and moved to the sunny south.  She now offers energy training and services in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Other Dowsing Tools.

Dowsing is not just a matter of using a pendulum.  Most people have heard of water divining, but you can dowse with all manner of tools.  Dr Mallory prefers a bobber: you can make one from a straightened coat hanger held horizontally in front of you.  It should be held loosely, and the tip is supposed to circle one way or the other for an answer.  You can buy bobbers with springs in the handle so that they record more sensitively.  I tried this (using a coathanger) but without success; I didn’t pursue it because the pendulum was working so well.

Body Dowsing.

But in fact you do not need any tool at all.  Your body is, after all, the engine driving the pendulum.  Muscle Testing for Food Sensitivities is a form of dowsing.  Usually the operator will get the patient to hold an item with one hand and stretch out their opposite arm.  The amount of resistance you have to pressure on the arm shows the tolerance to the object.  Some people muscle-test themselves by making their thumb and finger into a circle then trying to pull them apart. Others can stand in front of an object and feel their body leaning towards or away from it.  Dr Mallory sent me an article she wrote about the Stickysmooth Test. The dowsing is done by rubbing your forefinger against your thumbnail.  Sticky means No, smooth means Yes.  (With various grades in between.)

As I write this, Dr Mallory’s book is unfortunately somewhere in a muddle of boxes in storage as I have moved and am living in a half-finished house with nowhere to put anything.  But from what I remember, it was laid out in a very straightforward manner.   Make sure your batteries are in the right way round. Test the pendulum for a positive answer.  Never attempt to use the pendulum for evil purposes.  Check your Meridians, Chakras, Aura, Strange Flows, and Basic Grid.  I knew nothing about most of these terms; had never even heard of some of them.  I had a big learning curve ahead of me.

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Shopping Expedition

Wording your Questions Properly.

I started to ask the pendulum actual questions rather than simply holding it in front of an item of food and soon discovered that the wording was very important.  It is no good saying: Can I eat this food?  Physically, I could.  I learned to ask ask: Is it healthy for me to eat this food?

I asked about my supplements.  Were the manufacturers suggestions correct for me at this time?  Should I take them before a meal?  With a meal?  Between meals?  Were there any other supplements I ought to be taking?

Other Signals

Now that my questioning was more abstract, I began to receive other signals.  Sometimes I would get clockwise and anticlockwise circles alternating with each other.  This, I determined, meant it didn’t matter.  Occasionally I got a strong diagonal swing.  This was a categorical: Don’t Know.

The size of the circle was also important.  a small, rather feeble spiral meant just a little yes or no.  A bit swing was emphatic.

Choosy Penny. 

Which sweetener is the most healthy for me to eat?

I could also ask Penny to choose.  I could line up a couple of brands of toothpaste, or honey, and ask which was the most healthy for me to eat or use.  Penny would slowly change her twirling and swing back and forth to whichever she deemed the most beneficial.  Of the three sweeteners in the top picture she is telling me that the agave syrup would be the healthiest for me to eat.

I was still testing items I had to hand.  It was now the beginning of May and I was planning a shopping trip to the nearest large town (3 hours’ drive away) to stock up for the summer season at my fly-in, high-altitude ecotourism resort.  In town I would have access to all sorts of foods I was unable to get at the stores near where I lived in the winter.  Once in the high mountains, I could expect to stay for 4 months; all bulk food had to be purchased for this length of time, not only for myself but also for the guests I expected to feed.  (If you are interested in what such a shopping list looks like, check out A Wilderness Dweller’s Cookbook.)  I also needed a lot of items for maintenance; hardware, chimney parts; tools, peat moss for the compost toilet etc.   I could expect the expedition to last 2 days.

I hate shopping with a passion.  And now that I had such a big list of food sensitivities I was going to have to have to be a lot more picky.  Whereas I had no compunction about holding Penny in front of everything in the supermarkets, I thought it might save time if I could compile a list of what I could and should eat beforehand.  Dairy stuff, for instance, was a no-no for me (although I would buy cheese, powdered milk, and freeze-dried yoghurt starter for guests); the alternative were soy or rice milks, which I did not have in the house and had never yet tasted.  And here is where my question sessions with Penny were surprising.  She had always said Yes to rice, but now she said No to rice milk.  She said No to most soy products but Yes to soy milk.

Non-dairy Milks.

I left the purchase of the perishables until the second day in case the night was warm and they overheated in the van.  The friend whom I stayed with had some non-dairy milk in her fridge.  It was called “So Nice.”  I didn’t read the smaller print and my little brain associated “Nice” with “Rice.”  I stuck it on the table and held Penny in front of it, expecting a No.  But Penny surprised me by turning clockwise.  I thought you told me I could not eat rice milk!  I thought.  Then I read the label.  It was soy milk.  This showed me more than anything that my mind was not over-riding the pendulum.  I had put the product on the table thinking it was rice milk, and absolutely sure I was going to get a negative answer.  But Penny knew best.  I had gained a new level of respect for the pendulum’s power.

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Pendulum Tools

various pendulums

You can make a Pendulum out of Anything

Choosing a Weight for a Pendulum.

The fencing staple was a bit of a nuisance.  It made holes in my pockets and caught on my clothes when I fished it out to use it.  I also found that I kept losing it.  I would be splitting wood or burning brush and when I got back in the house, the pendulum would be gone.  I had plenty of fencing staples but it seemed wiser to try something else.  One piece of literature suggested using a ring: I had recently acquired my mother’s wedding ring (I could not believe how tiny her fingers had been).  It was a simply gold band, so thin it was almost worn away.  Hanging from a fine thread it was a little light, but it worked perfectly nonetheless.  However, it was too valuable to risk losing by taking it outside.

Penny Pocket

I tried beads and various other things, but eventually I hunted in my hardware stores and came up with a washer a little over an inch across.  This was a perfect weight and the flat shape meant it fitted easily into a pocket.  The little key pouch that is sewn into the waistband of some jeans proved to be an ideal storage place.  But not all my clothes had these pouches and I still kept losing pendulums so a weaver friend used an off-cut to make me a Penny Pocket that I could wear around my neck.

Penny Pocket


When I googled pendulums, I landed on a lot of sites selling crystals.  They all maintained that it was important to have the exact stone for your persona.  But Dr Mallory said it didn’t matter what you used, and  when I asked my washer-on-a-string-Penny, she also said it didn’t matter.  I got into the habit of hanging one near the kitchen counter so I could grab it and ask it about supper.  Another was stashed in one of the little pockets on my camera bag.  A third was slipped into my wallet, and a fourth hangs from the gear shift in my van so that I will “never leave home without it.”

Teabag Penny

If by chance I do not have one on my person when I am offered tea in someone’s house, I simply use the teabag itself.

Using a Teabag as a pendulum

The Prism 

Red Flash from a Prism

The glass prism that I have had such fun photographing for this blog was given to me some years ago by a couple of casual visitors whom I met so briefly I cannot bring their faces to mind.  I am not a fan of things hanging in windows and refracted rainbows were Airy Fairy, right?  I put it in a window that was out of the way.

I had been using the pendulum for a couple of years when it suddenly occurred to me to try the prism.  As a weight it was absolutely perfect.  And what fun to ask my questions while basking in sunlight and see the rainbows dancing round and round the room with the Penny’s twists and twirls!

The prism is too bulky to fit into the Penny Pocket.  One of these days I will get an attractive chain for it but for now it simply hangs on a cotton string around my neck.

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Pendulum Protocol


Most dowsing sites advise asking permission before you begin your questioning.  Ideally you are supposed to say:
– May I ask you about so and so?
– Should I ask you about so and so?
– Is it for my benefit that I ask you about so and so?
Some people shorten this to:
– Would I, could I, should I ask about so and so?
If the answer is Yes, you then ask the actual question.
Finally, when you receive an answer, you are supposed to ask the pendulum to confirm it.


Whatever forces that conspire to make the pendulum move were good to me because I plunged into its use without observing any of the  protocol.  To begin with I didn’t know about it, and once I had learned about the procedure I usually forgot.  Penny seemed to work fine anyway.  At first I generally had to do Dr Mallory’s jump-start routine to activate it.  Then I simply held the pendulum in front of whatever food I wanted to test.

Changing signals

It was not long before Penny’s signals began to change.   Yes became a clockwise circle instead of a straight swing back and forth between me and the food, and I was now getting an anticlockwise circle for No.  However, these quite frequently would be reversed. To make sure of what I was going to get that day, I would hold Penny in front of an apple, which I knew I could eat, to determine a Yes.

Reversed signals

I now almost always get a clockwise circle for Yes but if I am very tired or stressed, the signals may still  reverse.  And of course when I am in that state I often forget that this might be happening.  Fortunately I usually pick up a reversed answer fairly soon.  I don’t have to pack an apple around with me to test the pendulum any more; I simply ask her to Please Show Me a Yes.

Thankyou Penny

I may have been slack about the permission part of the routine but I have, however, always been genuinely grateful toward whatever powers are involved, be they mystical or not.  Without really thinking about it, I usually ended my session by saying Thankyou.  (I should add here that, having lived off the grid for most of my adult life I am just as grateful – and amazed – for the miracle of the telephone, solar power, satellite internet, internal combustion engine and so on.  Living in a situation where I have to organize these things myself, I can never take them for granted.  They are all different kinds of energy that can be harnessed and used.)

You’re Welcome

I had been using the pendulum for nearly two years, however, before I realized there would actually be a reaction to  my spoken gratitude.  Normally, when I said Thankyou, Penny, I would be dropping her on the table or shoving her into my pocket.  Last fall I was tired and had been going through quite a long pendulum session.  My questions had finished and I was half asleep but my hand was still raised and Penny was continuing to turn clockwise.  (This was a common occurrence and I did not think anything of it.)  As I said Thankyou, Penny, the weight started to slow and change direction.  It began to swing strongly away from me and back again.  I was quite taken aback.  Are you acknowledging my thanks?  I asked.  Penny changed again to clockwise indicating Yes.  Now I often pause before tossing the pendulum onto the table solely for the pleasure of watching this very definite response.  Penny is saying: You’re Welcome.

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Penny and I Meet.

How I Found Penny (or How Penny Found Me)

Part 3.

My first Pendulum

A year and a half goes by.  Cathy’s Muscle Testing had certainly helped, but because of the infrequent times I could see her, both because of distance and my constant impecunious state, I didn’t feel I was  getting very far. I was never seriously ill, but I hurt all the time and it was a major effort to do anything.

Pendulum dowsing

Cruising idly on the web one day, I landed on a dowsing site.  This was something that had always interested me, but the only use I knew of dowsing was water divining, as it is known in England, or witching (US term) with a forked hazel stick.  (I have since learned that all manner of materials can be used for dowsing rods.)  I hoped some day to have a well dug for the wilderness property I was now living on and was looking for a witcher who might check it out for me.  Pendulum dowsing, however, was something I had never heard of.

What attracted me to the site was a picture of a very ordinary, somewhat grim woman, no longer young.  Although I was beginning to accept the idea of Energy Medicine, and had been experimenting with EFT for nearly three months, the Hollywood look of most practitioners always put me off.  I am a person who has camped out in minus 40 C weather and built log cabins single-handedly, for goodness sake!  I was not going to resonate with a perfectly groomed American-style fashion model.

Belly Button Correction

The woman in the picture was Dr Barbara Mallory.  An Airy Fairy she was not!  It could not be denied, however, that she was doing some very odd things.  She had the forefinger of one hand in her belly button and using the other to rub under the nose; above the chin, the tips of the collarbones, and the top of her behind.  She was apparently demonstrating “ The Belly Button Correction for Switched Polarity.”

Hunting around the site (which has become much more elaborate now than it was when I first found it) I checked out the page that dealt with Energy Testing.  First came Muscle Testing for food and other sensitivities, but further down the page there it was.  Instructions on making and using a pendulum. And the thing that really attracted me was that you didn’t have to buy some fancy crystal or special device: you could make one out of anything.

The Three Thumps

Before you do the Belly Button Correction, you are supposed to wake up your Energy Body with The Three Thumps. I am not really sure why I went through the exercises, but I did, then I made a pendulum as instructed. I had lots of nails and screws I could have used but figured they would hang lopsided, and the first symetrical weight that came to hand was a fencing staple (a U-shaped nail about an inch and a half long.)  I hung it on a bit of cotton string taken from the top of a 25 lb bag of organic flour.  I knew from Cathy’s Energy Testing that I could eat an apple; I knew that I had problems with vinegar.  I held the rough pendulum in front of an apple.  When it started to move, apparently of its own volition, I was dumfounded.  The staple swung back and forth between me and the apple.  I put it in front of the vinegar.  Slowly it changed direction and swung from side to side.  I was blown away.  I excitedly tried several other foods, even finding something I thought I could eat that was registering negative.  In a state of euphoria, I went for a snowshoe tramp in the gorgeous March sunshine.  Thought of several other things to try.  Came back, picked up the pendulum – and it was totally dead.

Was it really that bizarre belly button routine that switched the pendulum on?  Could I remember how to do it?  Could I even remember how to find the site?  I had not bookmarked it and had to do quite a lot of backtracking before I found it.  After some though I remembered that I had been looking at one of Gary Craig’s EFT newsletters.  (See previous post.)  I did the Three Thumps (”Make like Tarzan,” says Dr Mallory), stuffed a finger in my belly button and started rubbing.

And the pendulum started its wonderful swinging journey through my life.

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