Asthma Relief Using the Spleen Meridian

pendulum hanging in front of Finger Peak at Ginty CreekThere is one other meridian that I use on a daily basis.  It is the Spleen Meridian.  Like the Triple Warmer Meridian (see previous post) the Spleen Meridian is involved with defending the body against outside invaders.  Unlike the aggressive Triple Warmer, though, the Spleen Meridian attempts to pacify the alien.  If you feel an infection coming on, strengthening either or both the Spleen and Triple Warmer Meridians is a great thing to do.  On the rare occasions that I think I am getting an infection, Penny may tell me to go through these routines three or four times a day.

But I have another use for the Spleen Meridian, one that I did not learn from Donna Eden‘s book, Energy Medicine!  For several years I have had a problem with recreational asthma. (I never went to a doctor about it but there is nothing else it can be.)   At first it was just a bit of wheezing in the winter but it developed into quite a nasty problem every time I did any kind of heavy exercise, winter or summer.  It got so bad I could hardly walk uphill more than ten minutes before I got an attack and at its worst, I would be gasping for hours after the event.  Recreational Asthma is basically a stress allergy (and I could certainly pinpoint the stresses that caused it) so I tried sedating the Triple Warmer Meridian as I did for food sensitivities, and various wordings of EFT. Sometimes either or both of these helped a bit but often they did not.

Then I found this rather charming site describing home cures for asthma.  The English is not perfect and the substances used are often Indian so I suspect that is the origin of the writer.  Right at the bottom are some non-food suggestions such as: Dust your room often but not  with broomstick instead if possible use a vacuum cleaner. As my house is on a small solar power system, I cannot run a vacuum cleaner so I must stay with a broomstick! But there is also advice to wear a scarf over the mouth and I find this helps enormously.  It is a major nuisance when it is hot and I am wearing a bugnet as well, but it stops 80% of the severity of the attacks.

One day I asked Penny if there were any Energy Exercises I could use.  Various yeses and nos led me to the Spleen Meridian.  As soon as I finish any heavy exercise, indoors or out (always wearing a scarf) I strengthen the Spleen Meridian.  I do this before I remove the scarf.  It has worked wonders.

Here is the diagram for strengthening the spleen meridian from Donna Eden’s site of Acupressure Strengthening and Sedating Points, taken from the web.

Strengthening points for the spleen meridianI have added outlines to make it more clear.  As with the Triple Warmer Meridian, hold the first points for 2 and half – three minutes (breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth) and the second set of points for 1 and half – 2 minutes.  Cross the arms over the body as you do so.

Unfortunately, there seems to be some difference in all the illustrations with the location of the second set of points, the ones on the big toe.

different versions of acupressure points for the spleen meridianMy old book showed the second set of points on the inside top of the big toenail and the side of the toe.   The diagram on the web shows the second set of points to be at either side of the bottom of the big toenail.  Penny told me that neither were right:  She said to use the top inside of the big toenail and the bottom outside of the big toe nail.  I hope the diagrams are clear.  You will have to figure out which is correct for yourself.

Because I can, I do both lots of the second points at once.  I cross my arms at the wrist.  I find it easy to touch my toes with my legs straight but some might prefer to do each foot separately.

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  1. gillian says:

    Hi! I find this extremely interesting! I suffer from chilblains, esp. on the sides of both my big toes. Do you think this could have anything to do with my spleen. I also have chilblains on some of my fingers. My reiki master did however explain some instances with regards to my fingers…but I would like to know more. Please enlighten me.
    Kind regards,

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