Curing Food Sensitivities Using the Triple Warmer Meridian


Stress is a big catchword these days.  Stress of disease, pain, adverse chemicals in food, noise, lack of money (or maybe too much!), expectations of others, unfulfilled desires, and so on.  Many websites and magazines relate our inability to cope with it because we are no longer living in caves.  The theory is that in the good old days we would be fearful for a short time – say, when the sabre-toothed tiger was about to eat us – but have periods of calm in between (as in when we were eating the tiger.)  The flight/fight hormones that are necessary for our survival had periods when they could drain out of our bodies.  Now, say the articles, we are subject to stresses 24/7, and the continuation of the flight/fight hormones create problems; either in keeping us hyper for too long or, if the situation is long term, damaging the mechanism that produces these hormones.  (That’s the theory, anyway, but if you study any kind of anthropology you will see that in fact people always had a lot of fears. Not just of tigers, but of their enemies, starvation, disease, and the spirit world.)

The Defense Meridians

People who study Energy Medicine go a step further and explain how the flight/fight mechanism of body the body is related to two meridians.  Donna Eden, in her book: Energy Medicine, explains this in great detail and I strongly recommend you to read her account.  To summarize it in a couple of sentences doesn’t do it justice, but basically, the Spleen meridian helps in our defense by loving anything it comes into contact with, and the Triple Warmer meridian (which can move around the body as well as stay in its channel) is the fighter.  It boosts things like the release of the flight/flight hormones, and the creation of the white blood cells that gobble up pathogens in the blood stream.

Allergies and Food Sensitivities

But when the Energy Body is out of order, the Triple Warmer meridian can get confused.  It starts attacking things that ought to be beneficial to us, which is why we have allergies and food sensitivities.

My first introduction to Energy Medicine was being muscle tested for food sensitivities.  After more than a year of occasional visits to the nutritionist (she lived too far away for me to see more regularly) I had a huge list of no-nos: soy; caffeine, alcohol, gluten; dairy; sulphites; sugar; commercially made ascorbic acid (which is in almost all canned goods, even organic ones.).  Bread and cheese were my two biggest regrets:  I make the best bread in the world and I love a good cheese.

Curing Food Sensitivities using the Triple Warmer Meridian

About 2/3 of the way through Donna Eden’s book I came upon a couple of pages where Eden describes curing a young teen of severe hay fever.  She used the Triple Warmer Meridian.  She told her patient to lie on his back clutching the weeds that were troubling him, with more weeds on his stomach.  Donna Eden first strengthened the Triple Warmer, then sedated it.  After  a few similar treatments, which the boy and his mother could do at home, he was cured.

I asked Penny if it would work with food sensitivities.  She said Yes.  I was pretty skeptical.  I was making bread with regular flour for my guests and even just handling the flour was giving me my usual sore throat and flu-like symptoms.  I held Penny in front of a slice of bread.  She said: No.  I asked her if I could eat the bread if I sedated the Triple Warmer.  Penny said: Yes.  I followed Eden’s instructions.  I placed a slice of bread (in a plastic bag!) down the waistband of my pants to hold it against my stomach, and held the first pair of the sedating points.

This first picture is taken from Donna Eden’s site:

Acupressure points for the Triple Warmer MeridianI have borrowed the drawing on the right to make it clearer.

Sedating the Triple Warmer Meridian

The first two points must be held for 2 and half – 3 minutes, the second two for 1 and half – 2 minutes.  The first point on the leg is just to the outside of the shinbone, 3 finger-widths below the knee cap.  You can tell you are in the right place because if you flex your foot you can feel the muscle jump.  The other hand holds the opposite arm at the same time, 1 finger-width above the elbow.  The second two points are self-explanatory.

I went through this routine with the slice of bread, then held Penny in front of it.  She said: Yes.  I ate it without much hope.  My symptoms usually appeared the following day.  To my surprise, I had none.  I held the pendulum in front of the bread again.  Penny continued to say: Yes.   Well! I thought.  Would it work for cheese?  Cheese had given me such a strong negative reaction when I was being muscle tested that the nutritionist had to take it out of the room!

I held Penny in front of the cheese.  She said No.  I asked her if I could safely eat it if I sedated the TW.  Yes.  Another baggie stuffed down my waistband and a repeat of the exercise.  And it worked.  For three or four days I picked another one or two substances I was having trouble with, visualizing a long session before all the foodstuffs were safe for me to eat but suddenly almost everything was accepted.  The only things I still cannot eat are preservatives.  The most annoying are sulphites (no vinegars, pretty dried fruits, wine etc), and commercially made ascorbic acid (also known as citric acid and Vitamin C) which is found in almost all canned and preserved goods, including health foods.  It means I cannot take Vit C supplements, either.  I looked it up on the web.  Commercially, ascorbic acid is cultured from a mould.  Penny does not like moulds.

If I have increased stresses in my life, I often still get the sensitivity symptoms.  I ask Penny if it was something I ate.  If Yes, I ask which meal, then I ask which food.  Sedating the TW after the fact is not as effective as sedating it before hand but it still helps.  Usually, if I give that food a rest for a few days I can eat it again without trouble.

Whether this routine would have been so effective for me if I had approached it without several weeks of practicing Energy Medicine, I don’t know.  But, next to discovering the pendulum in the first place, it was the biggest breakthrough of my life.





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2 Responses to Curing Food Sensitivities Using the Triple Warmer Meridian

  1. dee says:

    Hello! I happened to stumble upon Donne Eden’s methods and I read your personal experience here. I wonder if it really works?

  2. Toni says:

    Great information. I have Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine but haven’t made it to this part just yet. I was recently energy tested for foods – I’m very hopeful this will get me past wheat, corn, soy, dairy, sugar and beef sensitivities. I’m good with chocolate but who an live on unsweetened chocolate alone???

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