Pendulum Dowsing as a Way of Life

pendulum hanging in a blue sunsetI have been slack about keeping up with these posts as I have been very busy at my wilderness home at Ginty Creek.  But now that I have given you the building blocks I used towards getting my Energy Body in order, I thought I would let you know my daily routine.

Drink water first

I usually wake at first light, which in these long summer days is around 4:30 am.  First thing is to have a drink of warm water (Penny the pendulum advises against cold food and drink as it is bad for the spleen meridian.)  Because I have a wood stove and no electricity, I fill a thermos the night before so I do not have to wait for the kettle to heat.

Five Minute Routine

Next I tackle variations of Donna Eden’s Five Minute Routine.  I start with the Four Thumps (Well Within’s variation), follow it with Separating Heaven and Earth, Then do the Cross Crawl, The Wayne Cook Posture, The Crown Pull, the Neurovascular Points, and the Zip up.  I am sitting on a chair for most of these, and I follow them with a few seated yoga exercises.  Then, since I learned about The Tibetan prayer Pose, I add that as well.

Next I feed the birds!  Daylight has come and the little guys are lined up waiting for their breakfast.

Figure of Eight Exercise

I follow this with about an hour of yoga, ending with about 10 minutes of the Corpse Pose.  But before I go into the full relaxing mode, I have recently added a figure of eight.  Both Well Within and Donna Eden recommend a variety of figure of eight exercises, but the pendulum assures me that the the best one for me is to lie on my back, place a hand about four inches above the breast bone, then trace the first half of a dinner-plate-sized circle anticlockwise (ie towards my right side).  When I reach the waist I start the a clockwise circle (towards my left side) then cross again at my waist to complete the figure of eight.  Penny says I have a partial chi blockage about where my diaphragm is installed and this particular figure of eight is very beneficial to me.  I repeat it 100 times.

Dowsing with the pendulum

After the Corpse Pose I perform a lymph massage using the spa brush.  Now is the first time I usually dowse with the pendulum.  I ask her if there are any other Energy Exercises I need to do.  If I am feeling reasonably fit and calm, there aren’t any.  If I feel a bit rougher than usual or am bothered by some tension or other, I may have to strengthen or sedate a meridian, or trace the meridians, or perform one of the Five Rhythms, or even do some EFT.

Dowsing for supplements

By now I am really hungry!  But before I eat, I dowse with the pendulum to determine which supplements I need to take.   I have half a dozen but rarely need to take them all.  “Good Morning, Penny,” I say, and the pendulum swings a nice big clockwise circle in reply.  I ask Penny permission to quiz her on the supplements then point to each one and see which way she swings.  If it is one I have not been using, I also ask the best time to take it: before, during or after the meal?  More than once a day?  Some days I need three or four supplements, some days only one.  The dosages are often less than what is recommended by the manufacturers.  All in all the pendulum saves me a lot of money.

Now I can eat!  First breakfast is miso soup loaded with vegetables, with a slice of homemade sourdough rye bread, second breakfast about an hour later is something like rice, fruit, nuts, Udo’s oil, and sometimes agave syrup if I feel in need of a sweetener.

Dowsing for Food Sensitivities

During the day I often consult Penny re the food I am eating as what I can happily tolerate may vary.  If I eat garlic one day, I might be advised not to do so the next.  The pendulum is very much part of my daily routine.

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