Lymph Massage

A spa brush used to stimulate the lymph flow

Lymph Massage

Early on in my pursuit of energy medicine I was recommended to try a lymph massage.  I phoned for an appointment and presented myself at the practitioners one spring morning (still ice in their driveway) and was welcomed and told to sit down in a small but cosy reception room by a short woman with a strong German accent.
I had never had a massage of any kind and was quite startled when a strong wild-looking man with grizzled hair flying in all directions suddenly erupted from behind a curtain and told me to go into a booth and take off my clothes.  This was before I had discovered the pendulum.  The curtained booth was hung with meridian and reflexology charts and it all looked like mumbo jumbo to me.  The man came in and soon his strong fingers were working over my body.  I am not sure if it did any good but it was quite pleasant, and I went back a time or two later.  But, as with the nutritionist, he lived too far away for me to attend on a regular basis.
After Penny and I met,  I found this Utube video on giving yourself a lymph massage.  Obviously it is advertising a particular lotion, but  the diagrams of the movements are clear especially at the end of the film.  I suppose the exercise might work just as well using aromatic oil but in fact I use a spa brush – the kind that looks like a toilet brush.  I start with my legs, work up the torso, and then do my arms.  I dowse with Penny to make sure I am doing it correctly, and I go through the routine between my exercises and bath every morning.  When the brush is new the bristles are a little scratchy but the process is invigorating.
There are many other lymph massage videos, but the ones I have looked at seem to insist on quite different massage movements.  This one seems to work for me, though.

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