The Penny Mystique

Why “Penny?”

The name; it is simply a diminutive of pendulum.  I am lazy and I got tired of writing the full word in emails.  “Penny” happens to be a girls’ name – ergo my pendulum happens to be feminine.

The Penny Mystique

No one knows what drives this tool.  Some say it one’s own subconscious; others state it is the energy of the object you are asking about; a third theory is that there are some kind of mystical guardians controlling it.  To begin with, I was asking Penny whether or not it would be healthy for me to eat certain foods (I was having big problems with sensitivities).  Being the world’s biggest skeptic, I assumed it was a combination of the first two.  As I started to ask about more abstract things like Map Divining, I had to concede that there might be some other kind of force out there.  Now I don’t know what to think; all I know is that whatever it is, it is not harmful.  Early on in my relationship with Penny I asked “Who are you?” and the pendulum got very agitated, jumping about in all directions.  I then asked if my question was appropriate and Penny indicated a resounding “NO”.

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4 Responses to The Penny Mystique

  1. very intersting in your adventure with Penny.

  2. gudie hupfauer says:

    the pendulum has intrigued me for some time and I will follow your penny blog with interest !

  3. June Griswold says:

    I have had a pendulum since the 50s.

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